The number of emerging sub-committees of Public Council may not exceed the number indicated in the charter of the Council regarding the sector areas of committees. If necessary, with the justification of the committee additional subcommittees can be formed. The composition of the Subcommittee is formed by the committee members wish. Subcommittee consist of at least 12 members. The Chairman of the Subcommittee shall be elected by the members of the subcommittee in an open vote. Closed voting may be held based on the decision of the members of the Subcommittee.

Each member of Public Council ( except for the President of the Public Council ) who is not a Public Council committee chairman, on a voluntary basis and determined by the accepted policy of the Public Council president may be engaged in one or two committees. The number of Public Council members in each committee must not exceed 3.

Each Committee creates a board(presidency) in order to systemize the work of sectoral committees, subcommittees and working groups as well as in order to insure full consolidation and cooperation between Public Council and its committees. The Board(presidency) is composed of

  1. Chairpersons of the subcommittees.
  2. Heads of the working groups created by the certain committee.
  3. By the decision of the committees session up to 3 highly qualified professionals, experts and representatives of the civic unions can be involved in the board.
  4. By the decision of the President of Public Council the members involved in the committees may participate in the board sessions of the committees and if they wish so they can as well become a board member.