The delegation of Public Council in Moscow


On May 12-13, 2011 the delegation of the Public Council led by Vazgen Manukyan met with the members of the Civic Chamber of Russian Federation.
The members of Council's delegation were Khosrov Harutunyan, Vazgen Safaryan, Robert Atoyan, Grigor Badiryan. During the two-day visit in Moscow they met the members of the Civic Chamber of Russian Federation Evgeni Velikhov(the Secretary General of the Civic Chamber), Mikhail Ostrovski(the Deputy Secretary of the Civic Chamber), Vladimir Guteniev, Iosif Disk and Nikolay Svanidze the political commentator of the “Mirror” TV program.
Within the bilateral agreement between the Public Council and the Civic Chamber of Russian Federation issues regarding the cooperation and joint activities of the two organizations have been discussed. More specifically;

• Development of innovation technologies within the industry sector and in that context the new division of work between Armenia and Russian Federation was discussed,
• Issues regarding the exchange of information about the works done in two organizations. In this context the formation of public councils under the local and regional ministries of Russian Federation(the initiative coming from the bottom) was discussed. As well as the questions regarding the jointly created coordinating council between the above mentioned structures and the Civic Chamber was discussed,
• Issues to be discussed during the General Assembly of AISECIS to be held in Rome, such as the election of the new presidency of the AICESIS, the development perspectives of the organization and the expansion of the above discussed issues.

An agreement was reached to held the next meeting of the Public Council and Civic Chamber of Russian Federation this autumn in Yerevan.
Public Council also met the delegation of Economic and Social Council of Spain led by Marcos Peña Pinto the president of the Council. During the meeting the following issues have been discussed;

• Issues regarding the above mentioned General Assembly to be held in Rome,
• Issues regarding the exchange of experience of the two councils,
• The bilateral agreement to be signed between the councils in Rome.

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16. 05. 2011

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