During the plenary session of the Public Council current problems and development perspectives of Yerevan city were discussed


The plenary session of the Public Council, was held on March 22, with participation of the Mayor Karen Karapetyan and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan, members of Public Council and chairmen of the subcommittees of Public Council.
Around 150 questions have been accumulated in Public Council regarding the problems the city is facing. In order to coordinate future interaction with the Municipality, the participants agreed on creating a permanent working group to be formed within the Public Council.

Some of the discussed issues raised by the Public Council members were:

• Suggestion to develop a set of measures ensuring environmental protection, including reconsideration of the Master plan of Yerevan city, expansion of green areas, reconstruction of urban network of irrigation, withdrawal of nodial construction, questions regarding the creation of environmental police and ecocouncil.

• Improvement of the public transportation, generating complex program of modern transportation network, regulations for street parking, advancement of the one way street system.

• Concerns regarding the miserable state of considerable amount of multistory buildings and common courtyards. Additionally, suggestion was made to reinforce condominiums to match with the current times requirements with a special focus on creating a working structure, that would be responsible for the elevators repairment.

• Suggestion to open agricultural goods markets that would provide citizens with fresh fruits and vegetables in the dense inhabited neighborhoods of Yerevan.

In addition to above mentioned, questions were raised regarding the seismic resistance of buildings and attics construction as well as the situation of underground passages and communications.

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