The Public Council of Armenia was established on July 12 of 2008 . On March 11, 2009 the charter and the first 12 members of the Public Council were approved . Then 12 sectoral committees ( with the total number of 1940 people involved as members of the committees) were formed and the chairpersons of these committees were elected. In 2009 May 29, Public Council got its final look, that was fixed by the President’s decree. Within the framework of Public Council 66 subcommittees and working groups created for the discussion of specific issues began to operate.

The Public Council has a status of consulting body. It was created taking the wishes of various social groups into account as to improve the internal political situation and to promote consolidation of civil society in the country.

Recognition of the important role of the Public Council in the public life of the country has led to amendments in the regulations of the National Assembly and the Government thereby enabling the Public Council to take part in the work of those bodies and to present its position.

Guided by its charter, Public Council formed 12 committees, those on the other hand elected the Chair persons of their committees, and the latter were submitted to the approval of the president of Armenia and became board members of the Public Council.